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Desert Animals: The Most Harmless And The Most Dangerous

Despite the climate and the inhospitable nature of the desert, there live a large number of animal species adapted to these conditions, some of them rare species, others harmless and many others very dangerous, if you want to know more about this interesting topic, keep reading.

The species of animals that inhabit the desert are diverse, many we cannot even imagine that they exist, others are known to be larger and more named species, but in this article we will talk about the most harmless and the most dangerous and the areas where they are find.

In the desert we can find mammalian animals such as rats, kangaroos, coyotes, camels, foxes, anteaters and jackals.

But there are also a variety of insects and arachnids such as ants, beetles, locusts, scorpions, and tarantulas.

Reptiles such as snakes, lizards, lizards, snakes and desert tortoises and birds such as roadrunners, crows, sparrows and guacharos.

Most dangerous desert animals

Spiders, snakes, scorpions, Africanized bees, dingoes, ostrich, wasps, pumas, red kangaroo. They are animals that can cause serious bites or injuries to human beings and even cause death.

Harmless animals

Not all desert animals are predators, many birds, turtles, camels, dromedaries, desert rabbits, roadrunners, are harmless animals.

Sahara animals

The animals of the Sahara are some of the oldest species that have adapted to the climate, and the desert ecosystem to be able to survive in it, among them we have:

Dromedary : It is a camel with a single hump.

Red-necked ostrich : It is one of the fastest animals that exists, it is a bird but it does not fly and it is the largest bird in the world.

Scorpions : They are very common animals in the desert, their venom is toxic, but not serious.

Desert fox : Its habits are nocturnal as this helps it to withstand the heat of the desert.

Dorcas gazelle : it is a beautiful animal similar in color to desert sand.

Addax antelope : It is an endangered animal, one of the most beautiful in the world, but its horns are highly coveted and this has caused this precious animal to disappear.

Goats : along with camels are domestic animals.

Sand Vipers : They are snakes that burrow during the day and come out at night, their bite is rarely fatal.

Animals from other deserts

Mexico desert

Northern Jaguar, Desert Rabbit, Northern Road Runner, Cactus Mouse, Swift Fox, Spotted Toad, Pale Bat, Mojave Rattlesnake, Whiptail Lizard, Tiger Salamander, Wood Rats.

Ecuador desert

Bobcats, chameleons, lizards, jaguars, anteaters, pumas, weasels, coyotes, roadrunners, sparrows, skunks, crows, wildcats, lizards, guacharos and monkeys.

In the desert there are infinities of species that have adapted to survive in an environment as harsh as that, carnivorous and herbivorous animals, some with an aspect capable of making fear and others classified as the most beautiful animals on earth.